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Hello My name is Lateisha and I'm a addict, I hope i didn't scare you,i promise its a harmless addiction. My addiction: Fashion. I'm a 21yr old inspiring fashion buyer trying to make it in the fashion industry I'm currently enrolled in college majoring in Business Administration. I wanted to make a fashion blog but not just another blog about clothes and style.

I started Unmarked habit to share the mass of the industry and my journey into the fashion industry. I have a slight a bit of experience within the industry so i know a little about the base of the industry. Working with Fashion Designer Nary Manivong has taught me allot about the industry.The experience i had working with Nary was amazing. It is a is very fast paced environment and you have to love it to succeed. Working in fashion is not all glitz and glam but there are fun times. I had fun working during fashion week. Although,there are quite a few bums in the road, I understand why fashion designers can become so addicted to the rush of fashion shows. While working there I got allot of insight and help from the industry insiders I figured i would take some of that insight and my love for fashion and create a blog . I hope you enjoy and will continue to visit.

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