The Men of Europe

tommy ton shoots the scene at menswear shows. I've never seen so many good looking plus stylish guys i wish i was there im sure it was a pretty site to see lol.


fashion and frank said...

The men of Europe are so doing it! thanks for your great comment and very happy to follow you back x

fashion and frank said...

Sorry tried to follow but could not get it to work it was just blank - will try again x

Francesca Felix said...

so stylish!!

Camilla said...

this is great :)

x Camilla

Malory.R said...

I love these photos, wahou :) :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i have seen a lot of those men on other sites and i love it! thank god there are still some stylish men out there. the jil sander shoes look insane

--Sanam-- said...

Great collection of photos :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Kevser Carrousel said...

love this blogpost!! :)

Femmes With Benefits said...

Great post.

Question: The royal blue soles are from whose collection? They are marvelous. I would love to get a pair of these for someone near and dear to me.

Also, I can not help but give "bravo" and a slight "chuckle" to the last photo. Amish swag, anyone?

Thanks for sharing.


Sojo ;