Trend Alert: Colorful Denim 

Colorful denim adds a flair to your wardrobe. The best thing about colorful pants is that you don't need much styling to achieve a great look. The jeans add a pop of color and style for you. So a simple shirt or a simple color shoe is perfect. Prices vary from low to high you can find a great pair of colored jeans from zara they have a variety of color and styles. My favorite color denim right now is red and pink. 

On the Runway
Designers turned out colorful denim on their spring 2011 runway. with high waisted ,skinny,foil, colored jeans.

On the streets
Celebrities like Khloe kardashian loves the color denim trend. 

How to wear it

color denim

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Kholá said...

Oddly enough I was searching through my basement a few days ago and found a white blazer. Love the pairing with the blue pants.