The Game of Love

After watching the shoe "The game" i couldn't help but write this post. This episode has taught me that you cant always run from your problems in a relationship. When you love someone you are dedicated to that person and you do everything in your power to make that relationship work.  We as humans are liable to make mistakes.  we must get pass that and try to work on the relationship. I think if you care and love someone regardless of how hurtful the mistake might of been, you learn to let go of what they did and hold on to the love you two share.We always take the easy way out. It's easy to give up but harder to keep going. I may sound corney but I believe love conquers all.When that day comes  and i am in love i would look pass the mistake and work on keeping our relationship from falling apart. In the end if it does fail at least i know i tried.

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blissfully numb said...

i love this! I too believe that was the message of the episode last night.