Loving The skin your in

Everyday we see models and celebrities on TV who are thin and beautiful and we sometimes may compare ourselves to them and may feel less beautiful. We got to remember they are human just like us make-up cover up your imperfections it cant fix them so when they go home they are just like us i may sound a lilttle harsh but that's reality. I don't think a lot of young women love the skin they are in because they are to busy trying to be someone they see on TV or idolize on a TV screen. I'm not saying that celebrities are not beautiful. What i am saying is you are beautiful too. I'm sure their is someone out there thats idolize your beauty just as much as you idolize someone else's. Everyone is beautiful in their own way thats what makes us all different. Love the skin your in 

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yamina beyondURclothes said...

so true, but the fashion industry don't like fat people, and til they like it, we have to be thin :/

xx, yamina.