Blogger collaboration with H&M

Yes we know that H&m has collaborated with many designers But this is a first H&m collaborating with Elin Kling a blogger from Sweden for a limited edition line that will be in 10 sweden H&M's febuary 3. This is something i know every blogger dreams about i never heard of elin before but hearing that shes about to do a collaboration with H&m lets me know shes a big deal in Sweden. Many other bloggers have collaborated but no with a brand this big ELin just opened up another level of being a fashion blogger. This just inspired me to work harder on my blog and i hope it will inspire you guys to. Any thing is possible. 

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The Luxe Standard said...

If only some of the pieces were available at other h&m`s outside of Sweden =( . Hopefully this collaboration with a blogger won't be H&M`s last. It`d be interesting to see what other bloggers could create.

Christine & Caira
of The Luxe Standard