I recently wrote in one of my post that i could not attend Ny fashion week becauce of school. Well it looks like im going to have front row seats. Marc jacobs and calvin klien both will be streaming their collections live online. How exciting. right ? This has never been done before i guess this is the new start to 2010. I think it is a good idea because alot of people who are into fashion and do buy the clothes seen on the runway do not get the chance to. Fashion shows are filled with celebs every year and it will be nice for a regular person like ME and YOU to be able to see the fashion show. Its a wonderfull idea. Marc jacobs will be streaming his show feb,15 at 8pm EST on his website. Calvin kleinn will be showing his mens collection Feb,15 at 2pm and the womens collection Thursday feb,18 at 3pm EST on his website as well. Cant wait :-)

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