Just when you thought ripped jeans were hott guess whos back? yes patched jeans. I cant say im loving them right now but i have seen a few that looks good but i dont know if im going to be wearing them this spring. If i cant find any i like i might just do a DIY..hmmmm. The jeans remind me alot of Pepe jeans they use to have so many diferent designs and patches was one of them.

Photo:caroline mode

Photo: Nylon mag

I think i feel a diy coming. If you like a trend but cant find any option that you like i think diy is the best way to go. It also saves money dont throw your OLD things away just make them something NEW.

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DARLINGdra-pLAY-sis said...

The last pair r best...but I can make these myself :)...n u need to call me trick