Trending: Fur sleeve coat 
Even though faux fur coats is the thing for the winter i am excited about  fur sleeve coats. I wanted the one from zara but was skeptical about me still loving it after i brought it home with me. like always im upset that i didn't purchase the coat because i was afraid of it being risky. I have so many outfits made up already for the coat. I always like to tell others if you want something and you love it but scared that its too daring get it but i get stuck when its me doing the shopping for myself. Now im wishing i would of purchased it hopefully i can find one. So for now on if i really love something and want it but scared that its ti risky im going with my fashion gut after all fashion is about risk isn't it? 

 photo: zara coat, fregie is wearing  msgm pre fall 2011

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