Finding The Perfect Going Out Dress For Your Body Shape

We all like a good night out now and again. And when we treat ourselves to a night
on the town with our friends or partner, we naturally want to look our best.

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes and, fortunately, so do clothes. While
shopping for going out dresses can be exciting and fun, for many who have not been
blessed with a ‘perfect figure’, shopping for a stunning night-time outfit may be
accompanied with a tad of apprehension about whether or not you will find a dress
that will fit.

If this sounds familiar, and you have a girl’s night out approaching, then you may find
the following tips helpful in finding the perfect going out dress for your body shape.


Hourglass figures are usually in proportion and curvy with well-defined hips, busts
and waists.

Although hourglass ladies can usually pull off any dress they want to, to really
generate some jealousy aim to wear strapless or off-the-shoulder neckline dresses
which accentuate that proportionate bust, waist and shoulders.

Round Shape

Women of a rounder shape often tend to buy dresses that cover their bodies up as best
as possible. This is not necessarily required as showing a little skin can often make
you look slimmer and sexy.

Opt for A-line dresses as they can give the illusion of greater height and are slimming
from the waist downwards.

Apple Shape

The apple-shape body type can be one of the most challenging shapes to fit with a
dress. But when you find the right dress, it can flatter a full bust, meaning you are
guaranteed to attract attention on a night out.

Women with an apple-shaped bodies should avoid halter-necks, off-the-shoulder or
heavily decorated going out dresses that draw attention to broad shoulders. Instead,
they should aim towards plunging necklines and v-necks that accentuate full busts.

Pear Shape

With pear-shaped bodies, weight gain is usually noticeable on the hips, bottom and
thighs, with the top of the body usually being slimmer.

Going out dresses to flatter pear-shaped bodies should aim to provide a more balanced
look. A-shaped dresses often flatter slimmer top halves and smaller waists while
disguising fuller hips, bottoms and thighs.

Aim for strapless dresses or dresses with a corset-style bodice to try and draw
attention to the top half of the body. However, as many pear-shaped figures own
stunningly slim legs, shorter dresses can do wonders in attracting attention to what is
perhaps your best feature. has great dresses for everyones body shape shop their dresses here 

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