Kerin Rose: 21-7 Magazine

Shes the creator of the most talked about and worn glasses (A-morir) . Seen on Rhianna in run this town video and Lady gaga Alejandro video.A-moir got its start when a buyer noticed her bedazzled purse and wanted to sell them in Patrica field boutique. Ever since rihanna wore the glasses in run this town video A-moir took off. Kerin plans was not to be a designer before she hit it big she was working for sony music group at 18 till age 25 when she got noticed. Her eyewear has been seen on the likes of Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, and Lady Gaga. She's also done a collaboration with fashion designer, Christian Siriano. In the 21-7 interview Kerin said she do not have time for any extra activities.  

"I was sick, literally, every day for nine years and still graduated from NYU with honors. I had two jobs and an internship. There were times I couldn't leave my apartment but I still got shit done. Sometimes life sucks but you can't use that as an excuse."  Keri Rose. 

Kerin Rose from 21-7 Magazine on Vimeo.

After reading this interview i was totally inspired by her motivation and determination. Everyone knows college is hard and working and going to school is even harder. Keri had not one but 2 jobs and a internship and managed to graduate with honors. Thats full on determination seriously i love this article you should read it maybe it will inspire you too. Read it HERE 

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