MY Wishlist 

I allways make a wish list of the items or just things i want in general. Somethings i may get somethings i may not but i don't have a deadline on any of the things on the list. I would perfer to have some of the things before the year is over though ;-) 

1.Nikon camera 
2.Louis vuittion neverfull bag 
3. minx nails (Gold)
4. Christian louboutin spiked loafers 
5. Jeffery Campbell wedges hadnbag 
7. A car 
8. Patience (this should be at the top of the list lol) 
9. Someone that adores me (preferably male) 
10. A job i actually like 
11. Move out of my moms house (own appt) 
12. Die my hair 
13. Get a tattoo 
14. Go to the beach at night 
15. Go to a concert 
16. Go to NY fashion week 
17. Get a fashion internship 

This is it well at least for now 

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