The new years resolution list 

Every new years we make a list of resolutions for the new year and every year we don't fall through with anything on that list. I'm one of those people but this year i plan on making my list small so that way i can achieve every goal on the list. They say its good to start off small anyway right?.My list consist of the most important things to me right now i have 4. 1. Move out my moms house 2. Get a car. 3.Graduate 4. Become a vegetarian. who's to say my list wont accumulate more goals eventually it will but i want to leave it to at least 5  no more then that. This year I'm making it my main priority to achieve every goal on my list i hope you do to. Whats on your new years resolution list?

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мιss. said...

Your list and mine are pretty similar minus our living and car situation. I have yet to get my license.