Unmarked Habit style muse of the day

Tysha James  runs a fashion blog Shopnowsavelater where she showcases her everyday style! She is a 26 year old hairstylist from Toronto and she is soon to be studying fashion merchandising! Her sister Jonelle who submitted the pictures described her style as chic, edgy and trendy all in a simple twist!

Tysha style is AAAmazing i love it Thanks to her sister Jonelle for summiting these pictures. You can visit Tysha's blog here. I stayed on her blog for about an hour honestly her style is so chic but yet so simple. Thaks jonelle your sister is my current style obsession :-)

Wanna be unmarked habits style muse of the day send in 3 pictures of your style and a little bit about yourself to unmarkedhabit@gmail.com 

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