I've been single for almost 3 yrs now and I've been asking myself where is my prince charming? it almost feels as if everyone around me is in love and i am just watching from the background. It took me a while to realize that i must be that princess in order to find my prince.Being single allowed me to mature and grow into the person i want to be and the person that i want to find. My prince charming is out there somewhere waiting on me just like im waiting on him. Only time will tell.  i must be patient and know that its not my time yet to find love. So in the meantime i will continue to grow into a better woman and love myself more.  "Self love comes before any other love".

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lasophia said...

Thats a really good attitude. A lot of people settle because they are lonely. Being single was fun and I never expected to find someone but I just recently did, cause I wasnt looking. My last relationship ended traumatically like some Chris Brown Riri ish and after that I was pretty jaded.