Beyonce’s shoes in her video “WHO RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS
Gareth pugh shoes


Sjaar said...

Pieces of art! And about Eva your right.. Actually i forgot about her but because of your post i see she is quite inspiration material! Especially her shoes.

Anonymous said...

OMG! These shoes are fricking awesome!!! There mad crazy!!

We have the same name!! Well if you take the 'i' out we would of had the same name, LOL!

Love your bloggy. Following you, would love for you to follow me back.

Chou for now


Sarah Jane said...

I die for these shoes! Amazing!

Sarah Jane R.

Kholá said...

I'm so glad Gareth Pugh's getting his due. Did a post on him a few mths ago and people couldn't see WHY I would do a post on him as they didn't consider him fashion. He has been, he is and I think he DEFINATELY will continue to be. LOVE this!