Temporary lip Tattoos
We all know that have prints for nails but Violent lips has taken prints to another level with temporary lip prints.The product is easy to apply and can be removed by using baby oil or mineral oil with a textured wipe. I actually think this is kind cool idea for a video or a model. Im not to sure if i would wear lip tattoos outside or to a party. What do you feel about violent lips temp tattoos.


Niki B. said...

whoa this is crazy!! I'd love to try the glittery ones.

x Niki from A Haute Mess

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Sarah Jane said...

I would definitely do this for a photo shoot or for Halloween or something. Definitely not your everyday lip wear lol. Great post, I never would have thought to look up something like this.

Sarah Jane R.

J. said...

I actually sort of love this! But you're right, it has to be the right occasion...


rainbow lips mine!!! lol u have a wicked blog



DaBlackSjp said...

OMG <3