Designer Spotlight: Manish Arora 

Manish arora is a indian  fashion designer based in New Delhi. Hes knowns as the john galliano of india. he is known for his rich color palettes and beeding. Many celebs like Katy Perry to hinicki minaj has worn Manish Arora's designs to award shows and performances. Manish clothing is phenomenal and like no other i have ever seen his clothing makes me appreciate designers even more. The work and skill he puts into his collections is above and beyond. 

                     Harper's Bazaar espana calender '11

                harpers bazaar out did themselves with this calender i love everything.

                                                      Hair the End

Remember the post about dying the end of your hair well while i was browsing tumblr i found some great pictures hope you enjoy.

                                           Standing on glass

                                 via: queens wardrobe

                                              Two Tone Hair

The two tone hair trend has been around for a while many celebs like Beyonce and Ciara has worn this look. I think rapper Nicki Minaj have brought a different approach to it. Nicki went ahead and 3 toned her hair i think its actually cute. if your not ready to take on this drastic 3 tone hair color then you can try one with the color hair spray on the end of your swoop or bangs. For my weave queens many hair stores have two toned weave so if you don't feel like spraying your hair this is a another way you can get the look. 


                                 SHOP FRUTION LV

i love everything here you can shopfruitionlv here

                                  Hair Trend :Fish Tail Braid

I absolutely love this hairstyle. its  a remake of the braid pulled to the side but with a fish tail braid the fish tail braid makes it even more edgy and fashionable. This hairstyle can work for long thick hair or if you don't have that long thick hair you can easily add some extensions for this easy look. Im going to try this look for new yrs.. If any one try's it send me a picture and i will post it up.

Angela simmons and Rihanna
Heres a great tutorial from foxylockextentions

              10 places where you can Get more for your buck

Everyone knows we are in a recession so we have to spend our money wisely some of us had to downsize and has stopped wearing those name brands we love but why do that when you can get designer duds for cheap. Consignment stores and discounted online stores have been the secret place for most of the elite fashionista's you see strutting the streets in high end clothing. Wonder where they got it from? Well today is your lucky day heres where you can get designer clothing you love without spending a killing. 


                 Cubainne links// mini documentry

By now you guys now i live for inspirational and motivational insight. This one comes from annie the designer of cubainne links jewlery. You can buy her jewlery here

                      Cubannie Links Documentary from Mindless Photos on Vimeo.

                                LBD//A TIMELESS CLASSIC

The holidays are around the corner.With that being said it times to look for that perfect holiday outfit. If all else fails you can always relay on the timeless little black dress it can never stare you wrong. I find myself wearing black alot even though im not really a fan of it its just that it goes with everything. It beats running around for a shoe and a bag to go with that odd color dress you picked up. The little black dress will forever be a in style. Designers have given the little black dress a different look with emborded shoulders and spikes and cuts on the side. Check out these LBD's i put together from polyvre

the classic
the classic by t_shaa featuring

             Fashion accessories for accessory addicts

Pnkelephant is a online accessory boutique that supplies edgy and beautiful accessory at a affordable price. I always say if you have nothing to wear wear jewelry. Its the most important part of the outfit. Accessories brings the whole outfit together. Many celebs have been seen wearing pnkelephant accessories and now you could too. Every item below is under $12. shop here

                       Pixie Market Buckle shearling boot

i love these boots from pixie market their a cheaper version to the burberry shearling boots this is definatly going on my Christmas list. Dont you love when you find a bargain version a over priced merchandise?. best feeling ever. theres absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a bargain version of the original everyone is not fortunate enough to spend hundreds and thousands. So why not buy the same style for a cheaper price. get yours here 

                   Do you know who i am?

check out these cool necklaces by Marie rose. oh how i would love to have Anna with me at all times. click here to get yours

                     (IHMDJ): A special place in hell Tee

The brooklyn artist project AKA IHMDJ (i hate my day job) has come out with a special tee for people like me and you. Its sad that you can only purchase the t shirt at a special launch event. goes to show you how special these people really are huh. Hopefully i find out where this place will be so i can get my hands on this shirt if so i will be sure to purchase more then one and be happy to give it to one of my readers. 

                                                Sunday's Best

hope everyone is enjoying there Sunday im currently baking cupcakes and warming up with hot coco its cold here in ny. 

                               NAIL SWAG: BELLA NAILZ

check out more from bella here bellanaliz

                                 The new years resolution list 

Every new years we make a list of resolutions for the new year and every year we don't fall through with anything on that list. I'm one of those people but this year i plan on making my list small so that way i can achieve every goal on the list. They say its good to start off small anyway right?.My list consist of the most important things to me right now i have 4. 1. Move out my moms house 2. Get a car. 3.Graduate 4. Become a vegetarian. who's to say my list wont accumulate more goals eventually it will but i want to leave it to at least 5  no more then that. This year I'm making it my main priority to achieve every goal on my list i hope you do to. Whats on your new years resolution list?

                            Marchesa Sales Internship

Marchesa is looking for a sales intern for the Spring semester. Some of the responsibilities include setting up the showroom, dressing models and running various errands during market week, shipments, etc. This is for 2 days a week intern should have a great personality and motivated. send your resumes and cover letters to:  

if you land the interview or the internship please email me and let me know thanks and good luck

Via: freefashioninternships 

                                  Senso Wilma Booties in Glitter

just when the pink leopard Senso boots had me in aw these bad boys came creeping. This would make a lovely Christmas gift so Santa if your reading this size 8 please.