Gold Rush

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So the girls at sabo skirt left a lovely comment on my blog and i checked out their blog and found their online shop and instantly fell in love. They have great items at a price anyone can afford with the great style everyone wants.  

                              this metal belt is a must have its only 28 dollars

 Get your affordable yet fashionable clothing here. All Sabo skirt prices are in aud 

Embroidery & studded goodness

                              Balmain Spring 2012 
                          A splash of studs & Embroidery totally mouth watering 

If Loving fashion is a crime.....

Beyonce' Made in America 

Blogger Award 

Hey, ive been awarded with the versatile blogger award by funkyjadecoloredracks thanks so much. Im suppose to thank the person who gave me the award and share 7 things about myself and pass this award onto 15 of my favorite blogs so here it goes. 1. I have major ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) I clean clean and clean i cant stand to be around dirt or a junky space i get very agitated. 2. i loveee junk food all kinds my favorite is cheese doodles i cant get enough of them lol. 3. I never sugar coat anything i am very verbal and like to say whats on my mind some may say im blunt i like to say im honest. 4. I like to have a good time i love laughing and being silly i think your never to old to be playful. 5. I love chunky clothes shoes accessories. 6. I can imitate macy gray perfectly my high school teacher use to get a kick out that loll. 7. i adore all of my followers. 

                                                                    I am passing on this blogger award to...