I wanna be a Canadian so f*cking bad

             Thanks to Jennifer of 2bd i love her style so sick check out some of her DIY's

 I LOVE YOU IS........

As i was reading this  it made me go back to a time when i was in love. A time where i didn't feel the love in return. The time i questioned what does i love you mean? I would say i got my answer from this photo.

 Valentino Bow gloves

The models in paris struted down the runway for the paris couture fashion week with this lovely gloves. I know its hott right now but these gloves are so cute i would rock them in this heat with out a problem.

 Lanvin Store - Madison Ave, New York City

Lanvin flagship store in new york opened up last week i got a chance to visit it but i didn't have my camera Sorry but this is a pic i got from bryanboy.com  the store is located at 815 Madison Ave New York, NY (between 68th and 69th street)

          Shawn Chrstyopher-The reason 

Browsing through my favorite tumblr blogs i found this video of a rapper shawn chrsytopher. In the video he explains that a girl broke his heart and how hes dealing with the break up. He calls it the reason.  we all can relate to this everyone has got their heart broken once or twice. 

                                                MY Wishlist 

I allways make a wish list of the items or just things i want in general. Somethings i may get somethings i may not but i don't have a deadline on any of the things on the list. I would perfer to have some of the things before the year is over though ;-) 

1.Nikon camera 
2.Louis vuittion neverfull bag 
3. minx nails (Gold)
4. Christian louboutin spiked loafers 
5. Jeffery Campbell wedges
6.chanel hadnbag 
7. A car 
8. Patience (this should be at the top of the list lol) 
9. Someone that adores me (preferably male) 
10. A job i actually like 
11. Move out of my moms house (own appt) 
12. Die my hair 
13. Get a tattoo 
14. Go to the beach at night 
15. Go to a concert 
16. Go to NY fashion week 
17. Get a fashion internship 

This is it well at least for now 

                    Nicki Minaj//Your Love Outfit 

nicki minaj- your love music video
Jacket-Llyod Klien 
Belt: Fredricks of hollywood

everyone loves nicki minaj lately it looks like shes been finding her style i love her look in this viedo.


Creative Control

Melody Ehsani from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I love melody eshani and what she represents as a young designer.

You can get with this or you can get with that

Spike and studs are a major trend right now and not everyone can afford the designer brands. But as always someone comes along with the same design but better price.You can get with this Christian louboutin spiked loafers cost $995. Or you can with that ...The matiko loafers cost $119 from solestruck.com 
You choose...

Pretty Little Liars

 I was kind of skeptical about the show cause i thought it was going to be another teenage sitcom. But one day they was playing re-runs or a marathon of some sort on ABC family so i decided to watch it lets just say after the 2ND show i was hooked seriously. After the marathon was over i wanted to watch more. Its so intense i guess cause its full of secrets and its mysterious i think people like mysterious shows shows that are not predictable where you know whats going to happen next. Pretty little liars is my favorite shows since the hills is officially off air. 

Material Girl by Madonna for Macy's collection

Madonna has put together a collection for Macy's (Material Girl) that will feature clothing, accessories and shoes priced from $12-$40 — to 13-25-year-old girls and women. Bad ass Taylor Momsen is the face of material girl. I think shes perfect for this. The line is very edgy and punk rock. Heres a little sneak pick of some of the clothing and accessories. My favorite piece from the material girl line has to be the cross ring $12 good prices Madonna i cant wait for August 3 to get my hands on some of the pieces.


One of my favorite online shops has to be shopnastygal.com their clothes are affordable and for that fashionable girl who's not scared to take risk with her wardrobe. Shopnastygal always has the latest in jeffery cambpbell shoes, mink pink, motel and more. They also cary vintage pieces from handbags,sunglasses,clothes. Once glimpse at the clothes and your going to get hooked trust me i am.

Solestruck X Jeffrey Campbell Boot Camp

Ever since i purchased my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell (My first love) tick tock wedge from solestruck i became addicted. Solestruck has a wide range of the latest shoes i love them..Meet my new love Jeffrey Campbell Boot Camp There similar to the ones amber rose has hers are Jeffery Campbell too just a different version i love these. Ive been looking for combat boots for a while now.

               Forever 21 X Brian Lichtenberg

Finally everyones favorite store is teaming up with a fashion designer. If you don't know who he is hes the man behind Lady Gagas telephone video caution tape ensemble. Brian Lichtenberg for forever 21 will feature mens and womens caution tees/tanks. The pieces will cost $14-16. The collection hits stores August 13. Mark your calenders.

                         All Different Flavors

   Amsterdam Fashion week: Iris Van Herpen

Iris van herpen Amsterdam fashion week. This whole collection was mouth watering literally. I don't know how someone can create something so abstract and phenomenal like this. Iris is one the most mind blowing dutch designers out there. This is wearable art its incredible. I cant even imagine how the collection looked up close. Shes definitely at the top of my list of favorite designers.

                Kerin Rose: 21-7 Magazine

Shes the creator of the most talked about and worn glasses (A-morir) . Seen on Rhianna in run this town video and Lady gaga Alejandro video.A-moir got its start when a buyer noticed her bedazzled purse and wanted to sell them in Patrica field boutique. Ever since rihanna wore the glasses in run this town video A-moir took off. Kerin plans was not to be a designer before she hit it big she was working for sony music group at 18 till age 25 when she got noticed. Her eyewear has been seen on the likes of Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, and Lady Gaga. She's also done a collaboration with fashion designer, Christian Siriano. In the 21-7 interview Kerin said she do not have time for any extra activities.  

"I was sick, literally, every day for nine years and still graduated from NYU with honors. I had two jobs and an internship. There were times I couldn't leave my apartment but I still got shit done. Sometimes life sucks but you can't use that as an excuse."  Keri Rose. 

Kerin Rose from 21-7 Magazine on Vimeo.

After reading this interview i was totally inspired by her motivation and determination. Everyone knows college is hard and working and going to school is even harder. Keri had not one but 2 jobs and a internship and managed to graduate with honors. Thats full on determination seriously i love this article you should read it maybe it will inspire you too. Read it HERE 

        Ready,Set, NY FASHION WEEK

Are you ready for the most important event in September? I hope you are and ready to work.  NYMag.com is looking for Fashion week interns. Can you identify trends, fabrics, models, designers, and possess a love of everything fashion. If so this job is for you. You must be able to work the entire NY fashion week  September,8-16 including the weekend night positions are available. Oh and a major plus is that this is a paying position. if interested send cover letter and resume to fashionjobs@nymag.com

Working for fashion week is major in itself but getting paid is even better you know I'm so applying. Good luck everyone

        Drown Jewelry: Stars on my neck

Cant afford diamonds on your neck well i got a better suggestion stars on your neck. Imagine a galaxy of stars on your neck this drown necklace is astronomical. Walk into a room with this necklace you would definitely be the trending topic not everyone has a galaxy on their neck. You can check out the piece in person at the Design Made Trade fair in Melbourne as part of the State of Design.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 Collection

          Quote of the day // Motivational

" We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit". Aristole

             Chrome never looked this nice

Spotted on the streets of Russia this is incredible the Bentley GT already cost allot i cant even imagine how much it cost to paint it chrome.

Get it for less//Jennifer Behr Spiked Headwrap

Ok so im sure by now you know im obessed with anything spikes i cant help it i guess its the rebel side in me. I dont wear heabands and i dislike the turban trend but jennifer behr spiked  headweap is hot but who really wants to pay or would  pay i should say $400 for one umm hmmm not i. and im hoping you wont either. but, if you want it you can save $340 topshop has the same exact one for $60.

                                              (Jennifer Behr Spiked Turban $400)

                                                    (Topshop headwrap turban  $60)


           Sam Edelman Lorissa spiked heels

I wasn't a fan of sam edelman shoes at all but when i spotted these spiked heels in nordstrom i became indecisive. Spiked heels are a major trend right now and i havent seen any affordable ones every shoe that i wanted was around $300 -$800 bucks. Sam edelman spiked heels is only $189 and worth it.

Sorry Ive been neglecting you guys. Summer classes and this heat wave has me being a bit of a bum i come home study a little and sleep with the ac on high. I'm not going to complain about the heat cause when it was winter i couldn't wait for it to come so I'm going to soak it all in cause i know when winter comes back around i will be wishing for this 100 degrees weather again.