JC CASTEBAJAC// Caroline Daily

I first found out about Jean Charles (jc castebajac) when video phone video came out and beyonce had on that blue jeweled jacket. Hes a very creative designer i like him allot because hes so different. I'm a member of lookbook.nu where people blog about there daily outfits i just so happen to stumble on caroline daily wearing the same jacket beyonce had on in her video with the matching shoes. HYPED

                                                  Ms. Field's

     Patrica field is not only a Emmy Award winning film and television Costume Designer shes boutique owner with her own clothing. Patrica has styled for movies and shows like Sex and the city 1 and 2, confessions of a shopaholic,ugly Betty the devil wears prada. All of those shows and movies are well known for the fashion forget the movie. Ms field begin her career with her boutique in Greenwich village in 1966. Patrica field bought a new style of dressing to the American women, she never seems to fail anyone. her style is sick. check out some pieces from her boutique.





i know ive been slacking on blogging ive been studying for finals but i promise imma make a commitment once school is over which is Tuesday. WHEEWWW im so happy this semester went by fast. In other good news i have a tumblr now if you love my blog you gone love my tumblr as much check it out here


Lately I've been thinking allot about my goals and my career path. I'm one of those people who has a goal and change it 5 minutes later. I don't know i can be very confusing at times. So, recently i took advantage of my resources at my college and went to see a counselor. He gave me some good advice about my career choice. A career in fashion is something that i wanna pursue and don't plan on pursuing anything else but fashion. Fashion merchandising ,styling, fashion marketing are a few of the choices i had in mind but if i had to pick one fashion merchandising will be the top. My counselor suggested that i get a internship that involves all three so i can see which one i like best. I'm going to be optimistic about it and follow my heart cause at the end of the day the heart never lies RIGHT?

H&M Fashion against aids

H&M is making more pieces this year with FAA collection. Last year celebs made t-shirts this year h&m is taking the collection to a different level adding in shoes and jackets. the collection is very bohemian. On May 20th 2010 H&M will launch the collection. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects. The prices range from $25-70 dollars.

Cant wait till may 20th this collection is hott!!

Madonna: Interview magazine

hot find of the week: Jeremy scott X longchamp
jeremy launched another hott bag for longchamp. This bag is inspired by the world famous tv series the flinstones. retailing for $224

It's Versace

Alot of celebs have been struting versace shoes and every pair i seen was Hott so i decided to check up on the spring/summer 2010 collection. versace spring/summer 2010 collection is eye poping. I dont know why im just seeing it i know im so late


Ive been looking all over for jeffrey campbell cheetah tick wedges since they came out. I even went as far as emailing JC company to see when their going to be back in stock. Im dieing over here i really want these wedges im addicted to JC shoes. If anyone knows where i can get them from either online or at a store in nyc pleaseee email me i would appreciate it. Thank you so much. :-)


Check out B in her latest video "why dont you love me" she did a good job this video is fun...Her shoe game in this video is niceee im going to try and look up the designers of the clothing in this video.

Gasoline Glamour

Gasoline Glamour thigh high boots and bras knuckles