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i always say i am going to do a DIY but every time i start a project i could never finish it. I don't know why i think its laziness but this shirt will definitely be a project that i will finish. Imagine this shirt in white Ohhh im starting this project ASAP.

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Sock Garters

i was browsing esty and came across these sock garters i been wanting a pair for a while now just havent found any yet. Swanclothing has these great sock garters check them out below.

My future looking SUPER!

its that time again where the sun is coming out and everyone is looking for the right glasses. These glasses will make any blah person look like a celeb. Super designed by retro super future are hott i think imma need a pair or two or three for the summer. You can purchase supers at 80s purple


Street Style// Miranda keer
Miranda keri in sydney photo via:

Leather corsetry

leather corserts by Antiseptic

You light up my shoes!

A couple of days ago i was reading the newspaper which i hardly read. I just happen to pick one up. I know bad right but im happy i did. Remember as a kid you had the sneakers that will light up when you walk jimmy choo has invented the heel version. These jimmy choos are the most talked about shoe right now with a high price of 3,000 sheeesh.

22 yrs and counting..........

My bday was 8 days ago March 18 yaaay. Me and a couple of my friends went out to eat in the city at cafeteria nyc over the weekend. The weather was beautiful i enjoyed myself. I was around people i love and who love me couldnt ask for anything more.

Its barbie *Bleeeep* you can join the wave

Behind the scene look at nicki minaj video massive attack.. she bought amber rose with her for this barbie video o yeah and some pink toys check out the pink labmo love ittt cant wait to see the video..

Jocking my style // STYLE STALKER

check out style stalker they have some great dresses for a good price.... buy here

Shoe game propper

You cant tell me this shoe is not SICK. a heel with a wedge this shoe will complete any ordinary outfit no need to wear jewlery the shoe has enough jems.. This shoe is by Massimo Dogana

Tokyo and they style will never seem to dissapoint me. They style is like no other seriously they way they put things together is amazing. we americans would think pairing florals with aanother print is absurd but they would put it togther and it would become something chic.

Model: Crystal Renn, Rico Nieves, Daniel Liu, Ataui Deng, David A. ,Aj &
Photographer: Richard Burbridge
Stylist: Robbie Spencer
V magazine all the worlds a stage

There is an app for that? yes there is a app for everything on iPhone. Every had that day where you wanted to look for something to wear but couldn't find it cause your junky closet wont let you? Or had a event to go to but don't know what to wear? Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. IPhone has a app that acts like your personal assistant. Mystyle app allows you to take pictures of your clothing and make outfits on your phone. I think this is one of the best apps ever its also good to have if your an inspiring fashion designer. You can Mitch and match outfits from your own closet and others right in your hands. IPhone really has a app for everything thanks for making life so simple loll. I definitely will be purchasing a iPhone now :-)

Im not really a fan of lady gaga but i can admit she looks pretty this issue.

Just when you thought ripped jeans were hott guess whos back? yes patched jeans. I cant say im loving them right now but i have seen a few that looks good but i dont know if im going to be wearing them this spring. If i cant find any i like i might just do a DIY..hmmmm. The jeans remind me alot of Pepe jeans they use to have so many diferent designs and patches was one of them.

Photo:caroline mode

Photo: Nylon mag

I think i feel a diy coming. If you like a trend but cant find any option that you like i think diy is the best way to go. It also saves money dont throw your OLD things away just make them something NEW.