You better work it out // Angela Simmons

I don't work out to often i may do a couple sit ups and a jog here and there. I'm not so consistent with it but i want to be. The way i feel after i work out is worth the results. Not to long ago Angela posted this video of her working out. Shes all about eating right and staying healthy. Angela shows us some of her booty and leg workout with her trainer (Mike T celebrity trainer). This workout kicks your ass seriously i was in pain watching it.


                  Forever 21 Times Square

The biggest forever 21 opened up today at 10am in times square (Broadway and 45th street). At 91,257 square feet this forever 21 has a huge basement and enough room for clothes,accessories,shoes. Scatted through out the store is displays and mannequin's paying homage to NYC. Every girl will fall in love with this store i think this f21 might be the best out of all the ones in NYC. They plan to keep the store open till 2am that's plenty of time to shop in the huge store. I'm going to find my way there tomorrow to check it out.

  Team Jacob: Taylor Lautner GQ magazine

This ad just made me even more excited about the eclipse cant wait for June,30th. I was always was team Edward but after seeing these photos I'm indecisive.

            Killer Clothes and Fine Cuisine

When i first seen the clothes on Luxirare i was amazed. Every piece was unique and crafted so perfect. This is art at its best seriously. HYPED   "Instead of typical “collections” or batches of ideas which are grouped into “seasons”, the goal is to move towards a season-less, collection-less presentation, promoting a constant renewal of thought" The site also has vintage pieces like chanel bags and accessories.

                                                          spiked eye clutch
                                                                Inside luxirare studio
Inside Luxirare's Studio from luxirare webzine on Vimeo. check out the site and shop HERE

      Meet the Designer: Cecilia Cassini

              No shes not modeling for the clothes she designs them and shes only 10!

Cecilia got her first sewing machine at 6 years old.While all the other little girls was riding bikes and playing with toys Cecilia was learning how to sew. At her first trunk she she sold over pieces in 3hours. Today Cecilia is the youngest designer in the country. 10 year old Cecilia is total inspiration for anyone not only wanting to be a designer but following your dreams no matter how old you are.  check out her work here CECILIACASSINI.COM

      Levis X Gaultier Denim Collection 2010

Last year levis and gaultier bought the mens demin collection out. This year there bringing the women denin line. This line puts a new spin on denim with its abstarct lines and patterns. One of my favorite pieces from the line is the bra.

               Jewel Heritage; Eyeballing

via the candy bitches

Jewel heritage is made up of two sisters that call themselves the candy bitches. these two sisters have phenomenal jewelry. different,weired,creepy is what describes they jewelry but who doesn't like to be different weired creepy. check out the sisters jewelry here >>> Jewelry heritage

bones and leopard. featuring: D -squared, christian louboutin

Both of these shoes are hott i love them reminds me of the wild with the bones and the print. very animalistic

           Listen! Chanel cassette tape clutch

i would definitely wear this with a body con skirt and some pumps..

Mulberry and target handbag line

mass retailers announced that mulberry will be collaborating with target on a budget handbag line. Too hype about that. celebrities like Naomi Watts, Britney Spears, and Alexa Chung are a fan of mulberry bags. The bags will be available at Target stores and on from October 10 to December 24. Just in time for Christmas you might wanna put a bag on your wish list.

Spotted: Nicki Minaj in 2bd spiked platforms

Nicki Minaj was wearing one of my habits 2bd (2bitchesdeep) spiked platform heels at hot 97.1 summer jam on Sunday. Nicki is a fan of the creators Jennifer lee and cherry bomb shoes and bags she was also seen wearing one of their spiked out clutch on mtv.

Pretty chicks only!

whether your a dope girl,nerdy chick,glam diva,Barbie b!tch chez rone boutique has something for you. Launched march 2010 Chez rone boutique is a urban street wear boutique created by Paige Rone' and Gabrielle Rone. Chez rone offers a selection of street glam item from tees SHOES, BAGS, NECKLACES ,EARRINGS, RINGS and SUNGLASSES. check out some of the items in their boutique below.

Shop chez rone

My Wish List


These items are at the top of my wishlist if i could have these items my closet will be complete i wont shop again till a couple months not only cause the price of the items but a birkin and some loubs is all you need. Whats on your wishlist?