urban outfitters loose fitting dress 

steve madden blue suede shoes  

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              Jeffrey Campbell Ivka Thigh-High Platform Boot

                                       You seen the low tops now see them high.

Im not a fan of the low top ivka platfoorm shoes. But when i did my weekley shoping on i ran across these bad Motherf@$%ers.  

Lanvin for H&M haute couture fashion show

Christan louboutin sneakers for men spring /summer  2011

                                              Listen Up

“Keep grindin’ boy, your life can change in one year, And even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere”

What i'm currently listening to: J.cole- friday night lights. i cant seem to press stop. J.cole's music reminds me of a mix of nas and 2pac. His style is intellectual rap. The things j.cole says makes me stop and think about whats going on in the world.You cant say many artist makes you think about the real world. Hes not a rapper who raps about material things cause honestly they dont matter in this world. What matters is poverty,happiness,racial issues. Im happy we have someone like him in the music industry who talks about things like this to show young black men or even young men and young woman that there is way more to life then violence and material things. The picture rappers try to sell us is the life they have not the life we currently live which is not so rosy as theirs. download the mixtape here

                                        EVOL HEIST

dope.. I love every single piece by evol seriously. Get yours here

                             Inspiration: Laquan Smith 

Flipping through the November issue of vogue i stumbled across 21yrs Fashion designer  laquan smith from queens. (My home) I don't know laquan personally but i have heard and seen his fabulous pieces. In fact one of his pieces was featured in Rhianna's rude boy video. The infamous gold holy suit. Yes those. I was so happy that i seen him in vogue and inspired as well. After graduating high school laquan applied to FIT and got rejected twice. He then begin to hold off on college and pursue his dream of designing

 Laquan's dedication and hard work and will to not give up inspires me. He didn't let the rejection of FIT hold him back from what he was born to do. Everyone from Rhianna to Cassie and even tyra banks has worn his pieces. Laquan smith inspires me to keep on pushing even when doors get closed in your face.  FIT was not the door for him to go through. Laquan pushed and found his way and i admire him for that.