Balmain’s more affordable collection: Pierre Balmain

Balmains more affordable collection will hit stores in spring 2012 in December. The prices will range from $172-1000. What do you think about Bailmains affordable collection? 

Rihanna Glamour magazine photo shoot.

Rihanna answers some fans facebook questions.

Rihanna in Glamour Magazine, September 2011

Numéro No. 124 

Daphne Groeneveld by Greg Kadel for Numéro No. 124 June/July 2011

Oooh Delilah 

Senso Delilah get yours at solestruck

Hellraiser: Unif Loafers 

Russian Roulette 

Paper Gangsta: Sazeli Jalal 

Topshops vibrant Fall 2011 collection: Glam Underground

I love the summer but nothing beats the fall. The fall to me has the best clothing and topshop's fall collection has made me want to fast forward to the fall. The furs in the collection are mouth watering i cant wait for the fall now. What do you think of the collection?

Charolette olympia 2012 resort collection 

Looking for new shoes to sport look no further charolette olympia has been taking the fashion world and Hollywood by storm with this 2 inch front platform. Charolette olympia shoes are a favorite among celebrities like ciara,kim kardashian,Kelly rowland just to name a few.

Crystalized Jean Jacket 

Browsing through chiara of theblonsalad blog i spotted her wearing this incredible embelished shoulder jean jacket.Instantly i thought about a DIY. The jacket is by  Phillipp Plein it cost 1,923 but its a easy diy so Mr plien can keep his 1,923 jacket. I dont know when im going to start this project but i know im going to need crystals galore. i will keep you guys posted on the project.