ahhh solestruck has done it again they drooped the latest shoes from finsk. i need to  get my hands on these. They are available at solestruck for $589

                                                               Vote or die

hey everyone i have a big project in the works and i would love if you guys can vote on a name for my clothing line. I need some opinions being that it will be for the people i would love for the people to decide Thanks guys you can vote to the right.

               Melody Eshani Armor-dillo rings

Heres the latest from Melody Eshani The armor-dillo ring is hott Ive been looking all over for a knuckle ring with rhinestones.  Price: $45

     Christian Siriano For Payless Spring 11

Christian stunned me last year with his payless collection the shoes did not look cheap at all. This collection is no different christian is offering artistis abtract design with his shoes and im loving every bit of it not only becuase the price is low but because he put his mind into creating a shoe that looks expensive. I seriously want every pair i cant wait to these his stores. 

                                       Blonds Have More Fun

The blonds spring/2011 collection is amazing i love it im sure it was even better in person. Beside Betsey Johnson The blonds fashion show is one i would love to attend. 

Urban outfitters Nail fraud

urabnoutfitters has created its own version of mink nails.

Marc Jacobs fall 2010/2011 fashion show

                              Burn it all burn it all

As humans we tend to hold grudges because what happen in our past. Burn it all burn it all but dont forget cause our past makes us who we are but dont hold onto it. 

SHOEMATICS:Anastasia Radevich

Its creations like this that makes me love fashion and design even more. I cant begin to tell you how i feel when i look at the design of these shoes. Its incredible,breathtaking,inspiring.


                                                     Take Flight

Autumn/Winter 2010 - Aviator
Aviator style jackets has been popping up everywhere from Zara, Phillip lim,Topshop,asos.The aviator jackets is looking like a fall trend. Pick one up. aviator style jacket

                                     Lanvin + H&M ??

Are you ready for this? this is extremely impressive lanvin and H&M is teaming up with H&M. ill die (Rachael zoe voice) On Tuesday H&M released a bunch of videos about its designer collaboration. 

H&M will announce the designer September 9th but i  have a gut feeling its Lanvin 

     Live from bedrock:Senso Wilma shoes

Im in love. I seriously want all 5 pairs. Pre-order yours now at solestruck