I know i haven't been blogging lately. Ive been caught up celebrating my 23rd birthday. My birthday was march 18 i know 4 days ago. I had so much fun and a bunch of reality checks that i had to let it settle in and just relax. Becoming 23 has made me really think about things more seriously not that i haven't been thinking seriously. reality hit me that im not getting any younger and that if i want to accomplish things i need to start making the necessary steps now to become successful. Furthermore, I had a great birthday i spent it with three of my close friends. First stop was play lounge in queens on queens blvd its a great spot. Next stop was this great restaurant in Soho bar 89 and then we hit the dance floor at R bar. I would say that this was one of the best birthdays and im glad i got to spend it with people that love me and that i lived to see another one. 

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Tima said...

Well first off happy belated 23rd birthday. I felt those same reality checks when I turned 22 but youre 23 not 32 so do what you have to do but remember to smell the roses!! Im going to have to check out Play lounge since Im like 35 mins away from Qns blvd.

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